A Commitment To What’s Right

We are committed to doing the right thing for everyone involved – our own team members, our partners, our vendors, our clients, our end-users – not just what’s right for the bottom line. Our diversely experienced team has worked directly with cities and surrounding neighborhoods on every level to develop communities that inspire and serve. Our philosophy isn’t just a page on our website. We practice it every day.

Stability and Flexibility, working hand in hand to bring the best results

What do you get when you combine a team with decades of experience in large firms and high visibility projects with the fresh energy and drive of a young company? A fresh take on a sometimes-stagnant industry tempered with the knowledge and expertise needed to make revolutionary ideas a reality.

Product That Sets Precedents

Whether it’s Class-A apartments with a walkable urban neighborhood design or workforce housing that rival’s luxury communities, our team has the experience to develop places people are proud to call home. Our vertically integrated model ensures infinite access to resources and knowledgeable experts every step of the way- from land purchase to construction. Our approach is proven and speaks for itself. That’s why we can take pride in the quality and integrity of our finished product.

Developing a New Standard of Quality Living for All

With decades of combined experience, Prestwick Development has developed high-quality, standout projects that residents love. No matter the scale or type, we are committed to every project from start to finish.

New Urbanist Principles are changing not only the way a project is designed, but also the way residents live in the finished product. Our experience has shown that these principles can lead to bigger success for everyone involved – from the owner to the end user. That’s why Prestwick Development puts an emphasis on walkability, connectivity, diversity of use, and high-quality architecture and design in every Class-A project.

Workforce Housing
The Prestwick Development team has dedicated staff members who understand the intricacies of the Workforce Housing industry and are sought out by industry leaders. Their experience, combined with Prestwick’s company-wide dedication to quality, aids in the delivery of homes that meet and surpass the highest of standards.

Affordable Housing
We are committed to providing affordable housing that safeguards the dignity and well-being of every resident. Many of our team members have tenured careers working with property owners and agencies such as the Atlanta Housing Authority to serve low-income families. Our experience developing and managing affordable housing, including communities supported by the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, has enabled us to provide a much-needed service to local communities.



Conventional, Joint Venture, Fee Development, Public-Private Partnership


Affordable and Market-Rate Multifamily Housing


+30 Communities Developed