Discipline, Innovation, Achievement, Integrity, Respect, and Responsibility

Throughout the Prestwick history, these core values have guided every decision made in the company, from day to day business practices, to selecting new real estate development projects and partners, and everything in between. We feel they’ve served us, our partners and our residents well, and in the future, we hope that continuing to lean on those values will help us maintain the high standards we hold for our projects and our company.

  • Provide housing and services that exceed expectations for all parties involved.
  • Long term relationships with our business partners as we work towards our common goals.
  • A local touch – supporting community initiatives that enhance stability and long term growth.

The Prestwick Team understands how New Urbanist Principles are revolutionizing not only the projects we work on, but the way people live in the finished product. That’s why all products we deliver have a focus on walkability, connectivity, diversity of use, and a high level of quality in architecture and design. And, our team understands that being part of something great can mean being part of something bigger than ourselves, as such, we are always willing to be part of a joint venture on the right project.

To See our Philosophy in action, visit our development portfolio and find out more about the products we deliver.